Caring Optometrist in Corvallis, OR

If you’re new to the area or are searching for a trusted and established Corvallis, OR, Optometrist, our highly experienced staff at Corvallis Eye Care offers inclusive eye examinations, diagnostics and treatment of disease, and preventative vision care. Our wide range of services provides our clients with glasses, contact lenses, and corrective devices for the visually impaired. We’re proud to offer high-quality care that’s dedicated to your satisfaction and general health and wellness.

As optometrists, we're committed to your visual acuity, eye health, and the detection of disease. Our highly trained staff is capable of diagnosing the signs and symptoms of infection, conditions, and eye problems that may cause vision loss if not treated. We're committed to providing you with the quality of care that you deserve.

Don’t Risk Your Eye Health

If you’re experiencing visual changes, eye irritation, or need a prescription update for corrective lenses, call our helpful staff at Corvallis Eye Care for a convenient appointment and a quick response from our highly trusted Corvallis, OR, Optometrist. We have flexible hours for your convenience.