Cataract Test in Corvallis, OR

Are you experiencing blurred or cloudy vision? Are you having difficulty seeing at night or in very bright light? Do colors seem faded or yellow? As you grow older, you can expect your eyes – and your vision – to change. The aging process causes the eye’s lens to harden and become thicker, producing a very common condition called cataracts. For some, cataracts are an inevitable part of growing older. But with early detection and the right treatment, it’s possible to preserve or restore the clarity of your vision. At Corvallis Eye Care in Corvallis, OR, we offer cataract screenings to patients just like you.

Your Health Needs Addressed

At Corvallis Eye Care, we’re committed to helping you maintain optimal eye health and vision, whatever your age. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff members work hard to make you feel welcomed and cared for when you visit our office. And when you come in for a cataract screening, our medical team will work to provide you with the very highest level of care.

Be good to your eyes. Contact our office in Corvallis, OR today to schedule your check-up and cataract screening. Your vision depends on it.